Our Vision

Follow your heart, no matter how big or small a cause, or how young or old you are. You can make a difference if you follow your heart and work towards a cause you believe in.

Our Mission

To boost individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world.

Meet the Team

Prathyush says, “For me, the most important part is making sure that people have a lifeline in a time of need. Lots of my friends and family from Chennai didn’t even have shelter or food weeks past the flood. We often take our privileges in the first world for granted, yet it is paramount that we recognize it is our duty to help people who often aren’t in shape to recover alone.”

Shreyush says, ""

Prathyush Shankar

Founder & CEO

Eagle Scout and Rising Senior at Westwood High School, Austin


Shreyush Shankar

Founder & CFO

Life Scout and Rising Freshman at Westwood High School, Austin, Tx

Next Steps...

If you need us to work on a project or help with a need, please contact us at