SITA's response to COVID-19

Goal is to help healthcare professional, homeless, grocery workers or anyone in need of masks, face shields, gowns, grocery help, or monetary donation to help the unprecedented pandemic situation.

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SITA's Clothes drive

Goal is to collect any type of clothing (male, female, and/or kids) of any size that is not severely damaged or ripped. Dress should be in a wearable condition. No blankets, towels, sheets or rags.

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SITA's Tutoring

Goal is to help kids in the academically under-performing area. Help may include any type of online academic tutoring using Skype or Google Hangout. Creative thinking assistance for kids and trainers involved in the group challenges.

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SITA's aid to infrastructure development

Goal is to raise money and improve the infrastructure of the under-privileged community. Projects may include renovations of any type indoor such as painting, building tables, chairs, working tables, and office setup and outdoor such as picnic tables, gardening etc.

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SITA's Money Drive for study materials

Goal is to raise money and send to villages in under-developed countries. Primary focus of this drive is to collect funds and send it to a contact person in the targetted educational institution and the person will either buy study materials including books, notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, markers, writing pad etc or donate to the targetted educational institution. The contact person will provide the proof of donation that will be shared with the donors

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If you need us to work on a project or help with a need, please contact us.